Karlsruhe, 30 October 2014 – With their breadth of performance, tablets have morphed into pocket PCs. brinell, the Karlsruhe-based technology and design company, has taken this a step further and developed a model that – with its extraordinary design – meets especially aesthetic demands. With the seamless integration of brush metal and the finest cowhide nappa leather, the brinell book 10 shines with its timelessly exquisite housing, thereby putting it in a class by itself.

Karlsruhe, Germany, 30 July 2014 – Everyone is talking about the cloud. But without an internet connection and without electricity, the user is truly left standing in the fog. Therefore, brinell, the Karlsruhe design and engineering studio, developed Private Cloud. Private Cloud enables the user to access their cloud even if there is no internet connection and – with its battery pack – regardless of whether an electric outlet is available. The removable brinell stick is seamlessly integrated into the device. The stick provisions the stored data as an entirely personal cloud. Using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV you can always access the brinell stick via a secure wireless connection, instead of using public internet. Beyond this, the device also has a USB port for charging mobile end devices. The design of the Private Cloud is anything but foggy. Distinct forms and high quality surfaces give the device the typical style of brinell.

Karlsruhe, 14 October 2011 – After the success of the compact portable hard disks, brinell is expanding its sophisticated product range by two new product lines. The hard disk series now includes the brinell Drive with a storage capacity of one terabyte and the matching brinell Stick with up to 32 GB memory. 
With both products, brinell is staying true to its tried and tested concept. The classic understated design of the hard disks has been retained and also applied to the smaller storage medium. The materials used for the casing are still highly unusual, such as hand-picked Makassar ebony, nappa leather and pure stainless steel. Thus, everyday objects become genuine lifestyle products with a touch of exclusivity, while the great product choice offers something to suit every individual style.

Karlsruhe, 6 September 2013 – It’s exceptionally small and a true lightweight. And it’s the latest big hit from the Karlsruhe design company. The super slim brinell Drive SSD once again combines the latest storage technology with avant-garde style and unique high-end materials. Alongside this, top technology achieves the fastest data transfer rate yet.